Tuesday, June 2, 2009


After weeks of planning, preparations, decorations, and stress, Mary's bridal shower has come and gone...

I'd have to say that overall it was a huge success! It was a day filled with friends, family, food, flowers, fantastic games, and tons of presents! A perfect day to honor the Bride to be!

Here are some pictures to enjoy! (Most are from Kelly's cam as I was too busy to capture my own!)

{The Decor}

{The Food}

{The Girls}

In closing I need to say THANK YOU to a few very special people!

Kelly! aka Games chairwoman! Thanks for all the advice during planning, the wonderful and amazing games and for arriving early and always saying just what I needed to hear! You're the best!

Mom! All of your advice during the planning was priceless! Showing up 4 hours early doing all the food prep and even staying late doing cleanup! Love you!

If you'd like to see the rest of the pictures taken by the Kelly J, click here!

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  1. you may think i'm joking about you planning my wedding, but seriously get ready. you are amazing.