Sunday, October 11, 2009

weekend rewind...

i had a (mostly) fun weekend!

friday afternoon the hubby and i met up with our good friends anna & devo and jackie & brian (shout out to the ladies!) to head to sf. we had a wonderful carpool lane filled drive over to the city and checked into our beautiful hotel just in time to enjoy some wine and watch the blue angels fly right over our hotel. (please note i tried to get numerous pictures of this, but with window glare, fast planes and above mentioned wine, it did not happen. boo.) we all got ready for dinner then somehow decided it was a good idea to walk to the restaurant... maybe it was the wine again? about 3 miles and maybe 45 minutes later we arrived at a wonderful little dinner place off embarcadero and near pier 31... then came the walk to ghiradelli square for dessert... if only i had worn my pedometer! after enjoying chocolate, cupcakes, and ice cream we came to our senses and caught a cab back to our hotel in union square and turned in for the night.

saturday morning came too early and we headed to harding park golf course in daly city to see the likes of tiger woods, phil mickelson, justin leaonard, steve stricker, sean ohair, and the rest of the u.s. team kick some international booty! we met up with my mom and dad there and had an awesome time watching the best golfers in the world hit the links. i tried my best to catch tiger's eye but i guess it just wasn't meant to be. (i also have no pictures of this as no cameras or cell phones were allowed in the gates. double boo.) after a cold, foggy day of golf it was heaven to warm up with a yummy bowl of hot clam chowder at spenger's fish grotto in berekely. a quick drive home and it was back to reality and back to work.

today i was assigned as a "sitter" at the hospital.. which is where the not-so-awesome part of the weekend comes in. this turns a long 12 hour day into a seemingly endless mind numbing day of nothingness. thankgoodness for the iphone, my one saving grace. at least i could check the progress of my fantasy football teams... hallelujah. unfortunately i get to go back in 8 hours and do it all over again...

how was your weekend?

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