Sunday, August 8, 2010

Overdue :)

(Sorry for the absence of posts for a month!)

I honestly never pictured still being pregnant today but rather enjoying my newborn and adjusting to the life of a new mom. I guess Reese has other plans in mind for our family! I am officially 4 days overdue today with no end in sight! I haven't even had as much as a braxton-hick contraction and am still not dilated (sorry if TMI). I should have guessed this would be the way things would pan out, Tyler and I are both scheduled to be in a wedding in less than a week, EEEK! BUT we were hoping Reese would be about 2-3 weeks old and attending as well (outside the womb.) She even has the most beautiful fancy dress hanging in her closet to wear for the occasion!
The day after I was due was a pity-party of sorts, lots of crying, ice cream, and poor-me's. It wasn't until my doctor's appointment the next day that my attitude changed to one of humor, this is just the way life goes and it's better to laugh about it than cry. We will have a wonderful baby girl in less than 2 weeks (no matter what) and life will be good! I am definitely physically ready to be done with pregnancy though. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly get bigger somehow my skin stretches more and it just happens. Oy.
Our next appointment is Wednesday where we will see a new doctor (mine decided to go on vacation for a week.) I'll also have a non-stress test and an ultrasound to check amniotic fluid levels. If everything is still good with me and baby we'll go back next Monday to discuss induction. Oh Boy! No matter what this week is sure to be full of excitement and I will try and post more frequently! At least the weather has been nice!

{Me and Reese 8/8/10, 4 days overdue!}

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