Monday, January 31, 2011

Reese Update... 5 months old!

Reese is now almost 5 and a half months old! It seems like the days and weeks are going by faster and faster and I find myself reminiscing about the days when she was just a "baby"... I realize she is still a baby but she is definitely growing a little personality and doesn't just eat, sleep, and stay still any more.

Stats: We haven't been to the pediatrician in a few months but on our scale at home Reese weighs between 15-16 pounds. She is pretty long and lean with the exception of delicious chunky thighs and cheeks! Gosh I love those cheeks.

Teeth: She still only has her two bottom teeth which she's had now for about 2 months. They are getting bigger and she sure knows how to use them! So far no signs of any others coming in but the girl does drool through multiple outfits and bibs per day.

Feeding: Reese was a wonderfully solely breast-fed babe up until my return to work in early December. She still gets the bulk of what she eats straight from the source, but we've begun supplementing with formula as my supply dropped shortly after going back to those long 12 hour shifts. She also enjoys the instant pleasure of a bottle oh so much more than the work it takes to breast feed. About a month ago we introduced rice cereal but its a little hit and miss. Some days she eats it, some days it comes right back out! Last weekend I whipped up a batch of homemade squash and she wasn't too impressed. Hopefully we'll try again in the next few days and get a better result.

Sleeping: Ever since the teething back at 3 months Reese and sleep have not gone hand in hand much to our dismay... Starting on January 1st I got brave and moved Reese down to her own room and in her crib. We've had a few difficult nights since then but overall I think she sleeps about average for babes her age. She's asleep by 8:30 every night and is up for a feeding at about 2 and 5 each morning then up for good about 7:30. She takes between 2-3 30 minute naps a day which is barely enough time for me to start some laundry, do the dishes, and get dressed, but we make it work.

Talking: Reese has always been a very vocal little girl. She loves to "squawk" and tell stories constantly. Her newest "words" are "da" "ba" "ah" and lots of high pitched shrieks. She's a sweet little laugher and gets herself all worked up when she's in a talking mood.

Activity: Back in December Reese began rolling from her tummy to her back and just in the last week and half she's started going from tummy to back. This has changed everything! She is now mobile enough to roll across the room and reach toys, dogs, or get closer to mama! The days of leaving her on the bed to run to the bathroom are over! She also has discovered her feet and just how good they taste. She loves rolling back and forth with her feet and toes in her mouth. She loves her jumperoo toy she got for Christmas and gets very into bouncing and playing with the little toys attached to it. She can sit up unassisted for a few seconds at a time but loses her balance and topples over easily. Reese has become very aware of her surroundings now. She watches every bite we eat and drink we drink and even reaches for our silverware if she is close enough. She loves blowing raspberries and mimicking our behavior. Recently she has started to shake her head back and forth like she's saying "no no" and she loves loves loves to be tickled!

Hair: What would a Reese update be without adding in the hair?! :) Reese's little trademark! Her hair has grown a lot in the past few months which has helped to calm it down a little. It still sticks up a lot especially the top and the back but we see less mohawk now and more peacock! It has definitely thinned out a lot keeping us guessing as to whether it really will all fall out like so many people have told us it would. It definitely adds to her personality though!

We can't believe our little girl is getting so big so fast!