Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day in Yosemite!

It's become a Mother's Day tradition to go to Yosemite. A few years back it started as a marathon one day trip to and from the valley, trying to pack in all the sights in a day. This year we decided to make it a weekend trip so that kids and babies wouldn't have to spend so much time cooped up in the car. We drove into the valley early Saturday and spent the day stopping at all the sights! Waterfalls, meadows, rivers, lakes, mountains, wildlife... it was quite the adventure! Reese did great and adapted well to naps and meals in the car, sleeping in a hotel, and hiking around. Overall it was a great trip, Im already looking forward to next year when Reese will be toddling around!

{Mom with my nephews Devin and Ethan}
{Reese and I overlooking the valley}

{Reese and Grammie!}
{Yosemite Falls}

{Just hiking around!}

{The boys at Mirror Lake, looking up to Half Dome...
And at lower Yosemite Falls}

{Above: Four generations of girls!}
{Below: Reese and Grammie again, and Bridalveil Falls}

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