Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 months!

Reese turned 2 months old on Sunday and I can hardly believe it! She has grown and changed so much lately it's incredible. Yesterday she weighed 11 lbs. 6oz. and was 24 inches long! She is starting to get chubby thighs, arms, and cheeks and has officially outgrown all newborn clothes and even some 0-3 month clothes. She talks a lot and says her coos, ohs, and ahs, whenever she sees a ceiling fan (her favorite object) or if someone is talking to her. We've got a little ham on our hands as she started smiling a few weeks back and loves to smile at mommy, daddy, grandma(s), or anyone that smiles at her! Tyler even got her to giggle last Friday night for the first time! So sweet. Oh, and her hair is still out of control and the first thing strangers comment on when we are out and about! We LOVE you Reese!!

Can't find my camera/cord right now so all pictures/videos are from my phone! It'll have to do for now!

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