Friday, July 8, 2011

Precious Memories

A couple days after our Santa Cruz trip we got news that my Grampa wasn't doing too well. It was an easy decision to pack up and drive to visit he and my Gramma for the weekend. We had a great time visiting with my Grampa, hearing all his stories from back in the Navy and looking through his photo albums of all the tours he went on. Reese loved climbing up on his walker and they would play peek-a-boo together. I was so glad Reese got to spend some more time with her only Great-Grampa! I think Reese cheered him up some too! They have a wonderful backyard with tons of fruit trees and flowers, so Reese enjoyed taking wagon rides around to see the sites. Grampa even came out a few times on his "Cadillac" to tour the yard with us. My Grandparents are so special to me, its hard to describe how important this trip was. It is one that I will remember forever and I am so glad I snapped a few shots of Reese with each of them.

{A few shots from their pretty backyard}

{Reese in the wagon}

{Reese, Mama, and Great-Grampa!}
Grampa on his "Cadillac"

{Sweet Great-Gramma and Reesie}

{Tyler serenading Grampa with some old cowboy songs}
Love you both Gramma and Grampa!

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