Tuesday, October 18, 2011

14 months!

Reese is now 14 months old and busier than ever! She is a big talker, big walker, and loves to get into everything! She loves to play outside and we are grateful that the weather has been wonderful! Our outdoor adventures include touching all the leaves, flowers, and rocks, playing with the dogs, and playing on her new mini jungle gym we acquired from her cousin. She loves to hit the park too, swinging is so fun!
Reese seems to be so aware of everything and constantly watches us to figure out how we are doing things. She figured out how to open the doors in our house now, which is very scary! She loves to go into the bathroom and shut the door behind her to play hide and seek. She also just starting climbing up onto things and tries to climb out of her crib, though she is not tall enough for that yet. Thank God! She is now obsessed with shoes and loves to play with them, put them on, and knows that when I say we need to get our shoes on that we are going somewhere or doing something fun!
She has always been very vocal but I swear this child says everything now! Blueberry, applesauce, and airplane are her newest words but the ones we hear most are "Up, Uh-oh, all done or all gone, Mama, Dada, nana (for Nana, or a banana), this or that, and Baba." She loves to blow kisses, give sloppy wet kisses, and great big hugs too! She is a some-what picky eater these days and one night might finish a plate of something and the next day pretend like its disgusting. She does "sign" by putting her hand to her mouth when she is hungry though, which helps us figure out why she is fussy sometimes.
She seems to be losing most of her sweet baby rolls, and is growing long and lean. Though she still has some pretty chunky thighs and cheeks. Most of her 12 mo clothes are getting too short, it's a good thing all of her fall clothes are 18 mo size! She still has very tiny feet though, and can fit into most 6-12 mo size shoes. Well, I think that about wraps up my random summary of Reese at 14 months...!

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