Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Today I finally got a day off! Well, I actually do get 4 of them every week. I know I shouldn't be complaining but seriously I am exhausted. I am excited for a weekend off from swine flu testing, abdominal wound infections, brain tumors, pneumonia, pressure ulcers, isolation gowns, antibiotics, diarrhea, PICC lines, adult diapers, Afib, etc etc etc. Seriously, the list could go on forever. Work and life have left me longing for a day just like today. Couch, computer, season finales on tivo! Perfect.

While I relax in my PJ's watching Izzie have brain surgery and George join the army I'll share some of my week!

On Mother's Day over at Gram's house we were greeted by a mom and her babies out for a stroll.



On Tuesday I got off a few hours early and got to help out at the SJUSD Junior High Track Finals at American River College. Why was I there you ask? I'll tell you... Last year Tyler and I started helping with a club at our church called WOW. Here's the website to tell you more about it!

Some of our kids from WOW as well as others from the school district were competing in The All-Star Olympics, adapted events for our kids the compete in! Tyler and I had so much fun! Tyler got to hang out with Jackson for most of the afternoon, and even pushed Jackson in the 100 yd dash! Here are some pics!

Oh, did I forget to mention our new table came??

You like???

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