Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby Update

Apparently my immune system took a big hit when I became pregnant because I have been sick so much in the last few months! I always thought I had a superb immune system, I rarely got a cold much less the flu and I felt that being around all the sick people I care for at work gave my immune system a little boost above others. The last couple months have proved me wrong! At work on Monday afternoon I started to feel a little queasy, typical "morning sickness" which I am still getting a couple times a week. I wasn't surprised when I threw up, but then it just kept coming, and I wasn't feeling any better, not typical for my "morning sickness." I left work about an hour early and went straight to bed when I got home only to have a night full of vomiting about every 90 minutes... Let's just say, not the most pleasant night. It continued into the morning and I started to get really worried about my little raspberry. Luckily I already had an appointment with my doctor scheduled the next day so I stuck it out and headed to the doctor on Wednesday.
Before every appointment the doctor has you pee in a cup to test things like protein, ketones, and sugar. The nurse came out to call us in and immediately asked if I had been sick. I knew that wasn't a good sign. Then I got on the scale and weighed less than I had during my initial visit, 4 months ago, another bad sign. She proceeded to ask just how sick I had been, asking my symptoms, etc. When we got into the room she told me my urine had positive ketones and protein, and then checked my blood pressure. I am usually 110/70... Yesterday is was 140/80. Yikes! Soon the doctor came in and told me just how bad I really was, uh oh. He assured me everything with the little raspberry was wonderful and we listened to his/her little heartbeat plugging away at 140 beats/min. He called our baby an "efficient little parasite" that isn't effected much by my sickness and assured us that everything was great. Then he told me just how worried he was about me! He almost wanted to start and IV on me to get some fluids in but said that I could probably do it just the same at home drinking lots of water and gatorade. So I have specific orders from the doc not to eat for a few days and basically drink my weight in water and gatorade. If I don't feel any better by tomorrow he said he'd stick an IV in me and pump me full of fluids... Something that actually sounds quite enticing right now. So that's the latest for now, I'm home laying on the couch watching numerous episodes of "A Baby Story" "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and all my dvr'd shows pounding the gatorade shots. Yum.

{17 week belly... it's growing!}

Oh, and we get to schedule my 20 week ultrasound sometime in the next couple weeks! We will finally find out if we're having a girl or a boy!!! What do you think it is??

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