Wednesday, March 17, 2010



Good news! Molly is home from the vet, still sedated and tired, but home. She probably has something wrong with her cruciate ligament in her knee, but hopefully it will heal soon by itself. On the other hand, Izzy had a checkup while we were there to pick up Molly and apparently has heart worm. Disgusting. So, they did some blood work on Izzy to confirm the heart worm and if that comes back positive we're talking huge vet bill and many more trips to the vet for our Izzy... Oh boy. As if the this bill wasn't big enough. Maybe I will be picking up extra shifts in the near future at work... Ugh.


I just took this one to the vet this morning because she's been limping and sometimes not even bearing weight on one of her back paws... To save some money we had my dad take an x-ray of her leg last night (haha), hoping it would be good enough for the vet to decide what's wrong... Apparently it wasn't because they had me leave her at the vet to sedate her and do a whole bunch of tests... I didn't think it would get to me so much, but as soon as I was signing the papers I just burst into tears. Thank you hormones. The woman at the vet thought I was crazy! I cried all the way home at the thought that I left my sweet Molly there. I can't believe how attached I am to these crazy dogs we have. It's hard to imagine that pretty soon there will be something we are even more attached to!

Don't worry all, I will update as soon as we bring her home tonight!

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