Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Update!

Just thought I'd give a little preggo update/some random thoughts in bullet points!
  • I'm almost 34 weeks! Only 6 weeks and 2 days left! (Hopefully less)!
  • By the end of the day I have cankles and very sore feet/legs/back, etc.
  • The doctor says she's probably almost 5 pounds! (Holy cow!)
  • We still don't have a middle name, although I'm still in love with her first name, Reese!
  • We just started painting the nursery last weekend, and hopefully the wainscoting will go up Friday!
  • I only have 2-3 more weeks of work! Yippee!
  • I had both my family/friends baby shower, and a work baby shower. We got SO much adorable stuff. I just can't wait until I can dress her up! Thanks everyone!!
  • I've started to get nauseous again in the mornings and threw up twice last week! Gross.
  • We have completed 3 of our 4 "Ready, Set, Deliver" classes at the hospital and I'm sure my husband would have been happy to live his whole life without seeing some of the graphics we've seen/talking about the topics we've talked about!
  • I still don't have any major cravings but sweets always sound good!
  • Reese moves a TON, and every time I sit down my belly warps into crazy shapes!
  • I'm starting to get nervous about the reality of this! (Especially the labor part, I realize my pain tolerance is not what I thought it was, or where I think it needs to be)
  • I've pondered hiring a doula
  • My contribution to the household cooking/cleaning has plummeted, sorry Tyler.
  • I take it back, I do crave fresh fruit! I love summer!
  • I sleep horribly now, switching from side to side is a task, plus I wake up to go to the bathroom at least once a night.
  • I'm just starting to get stretch marks, and boy are they ugly!
  • I get annoyed when people still don't seem to tell that I'm pregnant/or they ask if I'm having twins! Whatever people!
  • I am really looking forward to a few months from now when it'll just be me, my hubby and our Reese hanging out on a lazy day.
  • I think that's it!
Hopefully next post I will have some new preggo pics!

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  1. OK...the labor part is the one of the only things that totally freaks me out! Someone told me that nervousness goes away though when you can't stand to be pregnant anymore and just want your baby out...let's hope that happens!