Monday, June 28, 2010

Green Thumb

My belly isn't the only thing growing around here...! A couple weeks back Tyler finished building an awesome redwood garden box in the backyard and we quickly planted lots of veggies, fruits, and herbs. In the last couple weeks all of the plants have honestly quadrupled in size! It's crazy!

{Demolition of kennel}

{Kennel gone, posts up for garden box}

{Finished product, plants and all}

{May 31, 2010}

{June 28, 2010... It's a Jungle!}

{Izzy supervising}

So far the only harvest has been a few strawberries, but there are 5 kinds of tomatoes, 3 types of squash, 5 kinds of peppers, watermelon, honeydew, beans, onions, carrots, and tons of herbs anxiously growing and waiting to be picked!

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